PostgreSQL Flexible Full Text Search

Written by Aleksandr Parfenov in PostgreSQL on 20/02/2018. Tags: PostgreSQL, FTS,

PostgreSQL is a powerful RDBMS which can store data as well as do some manipulations on it such as search or calculating some analytical information and one the techniques is FTS. The Full Text Search (or FTS for short) was introduced in PostgreSQL firstly as a tsearch extension and added into PostgreSQL 8.3 as a core feature. Unfortunately, since PostgreSQL 8.3 FTS almost didn’t change and have some issues which were detected during years of the work with it. I’m working on a patch to extend the abilities and flexibility of FTS configuration mechanism in PostgreSQL and want to describe it in more details in this post.

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pg-elastic - Proxy to use PostgreSQL via ElasticSearch protocol

Written by Aleksandr Parfenov in PostgreSQL on 15/01/2018. Tags: PostgreSQL, FTS, ElasticSearch,

ElasticSearch is one of the most popular solutions for Full-Text Search. ElasticSearch is based on Apache Lucene, powerful and flexible framework for text processing and provides additional components to it such as indices and easy-to-use REST API. On the other hand, PostgreSQL also provides FTS features and widely used to store huge volume of data. The aim of this post is to describe a prototype of a proxy server which allows to use PostgreSQL via ElasticSearch protocol. The source code of the prototype is published on GitHub project page.

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